It's a me, Mario.

I hope it rang just like the vintage, Super Mario 64 game intro because it's cool, right?

Well, getting to the good stuff. I'm a tender 30 years old with a passion for creating timeless photos. It was over 10 years ago that I picked up my first camera (a simple point and shoot) which led me to explore its capabilities. I enjoyed that so much I later started getting the hang of it and was privileged to become my high school's (North Boone High) prom photographer. Pretty cool, right? Well, I thought so because it allowed me to express what I saw... and people liked it!

In my early beginning, I would go out and photograph parties, events, portraits, and even my dog. My passion has now stationed me in the beautiful Windy City, Chicago. What an incredible city! I have been highly inspired by the street, architecture, and diverse culture that the city has. It's a city that is as relentless as it is opportunistic. I want to begin by thanking you for getting to know me this far. I hope to continue this journey alongside you, creating laughs, lasting memories, and a wonderful friendship.

Let's be friends!